Class Champions

Junior: Cooper 37 – Stephanie Cooper

25HP: Cooper 37 – Steve Cooper

850cc: Tennesse Warlord – David Griffin

Combo/Restricted: Stress – Andrew Goodhew

Outboard B: Andrew Selway – Harvey Bay

Outboard A: Action Aluminium – Les Kirby – Stafford Heights

Inboard B: Catch 22 – David Bushell – LoganLea

Inboard A: Dejavu – John Cole – Childers


Encouragement Award: Kayden Sutherland – Hervey Bay

Most Improved Award: Cortney Sonter – Kingaroy

Competitor of the Year: Mark Eglington – Bundaberg

Club Member of the Year: Annette Goodhew – Bundaberg

Best Presented Team: SS Racing

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