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Smillie’s Group & ENZED Bundaberg Proudly Presents 2024 Rum City Powerboat Classic!!

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th July 2024

Our BIGGEST event of the year is just around the corner. We are so excited and full of adrenaline. Proudly presented by Smillie’s Group and ENZED Bundaberg – Both locally owned business based in the Wide Bay Region.

This year, in conjunction with the two-day Rum City Classic race event, the Bundaberg Powerboat Club is honoured to host the final meeting of The Trojan Cup, after a 20-year legacy.
In the heart of 6-litre Australian powerboat racing, one name stands out among the roaring engines and water spray – Larry Martin. Larry had been racing for around 20 years and during this time had been awarded the Australian championship holder for Windsor in 1990. Unfortunately, Larry tragically lost his life during the 2004 Bundy Thunder spectacular. Following this tragedy, it was not long before a race would be held in Larry’s honour and so the “Trojan Cup” was born.
The Trojan Cup has captivated crowds with its blend of speed, skill and V8 engine roar. It stands as a testament to the enduring passion for powerboat racing and the unwavering dedication of all those who have and continue to contribute to its rich history.
Over the years, the Trojan Cup has evolved into a cornerstone event in the Australian powerboat calendar. The sport has seen its share of legendary drivers, iconic races, rivalries form with records being set and broken. 6-litre powerboat racing in Australia is a thrilling motorsport that combines speed, skill, noise and adrenaline on the water.
This class has pushed the boundaries of powerboat engine performance and design. Australian powerboat engine builders are regarded as amongst the best in the world. This class of powerboat racing is known for their impressive acceleration and cornering. One of the key attractions of the 6-litre class is the competitiveness of the boats and the skill of the drivers.

Racing starts at 9am Saturday & Sunday. We race on the Burnett River located at Sandy Hook Rd, Branyan, Bundaberg.

We can’t thank our sponsors enough for their support toward our club for this event. Without them it would not be possible.

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Pets at Sandy Hook During Race Meetings

Although pets are welcome at Sandy Hook, the club would like to remind all pet owners, either club members or spectators, to be aware of their pets around other people at the event, to pick up after their pets and keep them suitably restrained for the well-being of both your pet and others. Please remember that we are using Bundaberg Regional Council’s grounds and pets are the responsibility of the owners.

Vehicle Movements Around Sandy Hook

Please be aware of:

  • Constant vehicle movement to and from boat ramps including vehicles such as quad bikes that may not be as visible as larger vehicles
  • Spectators walking around the site
  • Children playing

Bundaberg Regional Council grounds are public areas and as such, only licensed drivers should be operating vehicles on the site.


About Bundaberg Powerboat Club

The aim of Bundaberg Powerboat Club Inc. is to promote powerboat circuit racing and bring back the ‘old days’ of racing with minimal costs to the competitor.

The club focuses on Sports and Recreation and having fun. Families who are involved with our club meet for racing as well as a variety of social functions.

2024 Memberships fees are: $75 for a Senior Driver member and $65 for an Associate Member.
Junior Class Family Membership is $60 (drivers 16 years and under – includes 1 parent voting rights at club meetings).
Volunteer membership is available for $20 (no voting rights).

Next Club Meeting – TBA
Google Meet, Zoom or Skype will be available for those who are unable to attend in person.

Committee Members

President – Wayne Mongomery – 0415 463 258

Vice President – Josh Davies – 0455 501 704

Secretary – Kirsten Clements – 0456 357 849 

Treasurer – Steve Cooper – 0438 874 228

2024 MAJOR SPONSOR - Smillie's Group

Smilie’s Group is owned by Troy Smillie a relative newcomer to the sport but has watched from
the bank since he was a kid and is committed to the continued success of the sport and our
Bundaberg club. Troy has purchased a 6 ltr boat and his daughter now also drives in the junior class.

Smillie’s Group is a locally owned business based in the Wide Bay Region. They specialise in providing vegetation management solutions for horticultural and agricultural purposes via mechanical and cultural methods.

Smillie’s Group has been a member of the Australian Macadamia Society for over five years. Services provided to the Macadamia Industry account for around 50% of our business; we are proud to be associated with several large operations such as FNC Plantations, CL Macs, Hinkler Park Plantations and Macadamia Farm Management.

With a modern fleet of specialised plant and equipment that is maintained regularly and a highly skilled team Smillie’s Group will consult with you to develop solutions tailored to your situation.

Contact: or on 0401 875 867

Photos courtesy of ‘Alan McIntoch Sports Photography’

Getting To Sandy Hook, Branyan


Please contact the relevent comittee member:

President – Wayne Mongomery – 0415 463 258

Vice President – Josh Davies – 0455 501 704

Secretary – Kirsten Clements – 0456 357 849 

Treasurer – Steve Cooper – 0438 874 228

Or email us at

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